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A 6 Dice Set of Space Roller Dice MK II - Blue Groove Black Finish

$13.75 $16.00


Space Roller Dice MK II is the improved version of the Space Roller Dice based on our customers' feedback. The new manufacturing method gives glossy finish as well as better readability at more affordable price.

We change the glow in the dark grooves to colored grooves so people do not have to charge it before the game play.

This set includes 6 blue groove black finish dice and a Space Roller black velvet bag for free.


  • Standard 16 mm dice, weighing approximately 5.5 grammes each. 
  • Chamfer corner gives more momentum. 
  • Each purchase is for a set of 6 dice in one color of your choice. 


Space Roller is a standard 16 mm dice with chamfer corner which gives Space Roller a bit more momentum when you roll it. All the sizes of carving lines and points are precisely tested out with many versions to present in 2 dimensions as a graph and 3 dimensions as an object. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Zachary Dashow
Love it

It is the best D6s ever

Great dice

Just as nice in person, and shipped in about a week from China. Couldn't be happier.

Cindy Smith
Has not arrived

My order has not arrived

Hi Cindy,

we have sent you an email regard your order about a month ago, we thought you might miss the email because we haven't gotten anything back from you yet. If you can just hit us up so we can solve this for you.


Muy contenta!

Entrega rápida y dados de acabado perfecto. Muchas gracias.

michael watkins
Badger me for a review....

I bought the dice because they looked cool. Based on test rolls (rolls in groups of 3s), it is my opinion that these roll little low. 3d6 have a %50 of rolling an 11 or higher. These rolled consistently below 11.
I received several emails to review these.
While they look good; they dont roll true in my opinion so I wont actually use them.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your comment. Just wondering how many times did you roll to test the balance, because we actually test them by rolling them 1000 times and the result is acceptable, please check the result here.

The highest rate is actually 5 points- 17.6% and the lowest is 1 & 3 -16.1%

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