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1 Die of Space Roller Dice MK II - Blue Groove Black Finish



Space Roller Dice MK II is the improved version of the Space Roller Dice based on our customers' feedback. The new manufacturing method gives glossy finish as well as better readability at more affordable price.

We change the glow in the dark grooves to colored grooves so people do not have to charge it before the game play.

 1 single Space Roller die of blue groove black finish.


  • Standard 16 mm dice, weighing approximately 5.5 grammes each. 
  • Chamfer corner gives more momentum. 
  • Each purchase is for a set of 6 dice in one color of your choice. 


Space Roller is a standard 16 mm dice with chamfer corner which gives Space Roller a bit more momentum when you roll it. All the sizes of carving lines and points are precisely tested out with many versions to present in 2 dimensions as a graph and 3 dimensions as an object. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Those dices are awsome, perfect to play sci fi games!

great molding, Spotty paint

I had previously purchased the white and green glow space roller dice, and recently saw these new styles listed, so I bought 1 of the black and blue ones listed here. The quality of the mold is outstanding, and the smooth glossy finish is great! A+!
However, the paint is patchy and incomplete on certain pips and grooves. Its fine in most areas, but its at its worst on the 4 and 6 sides, especially.
All in all it wouldn't stop me from using them, as they still function just fine, but they dont look as nice as i would have hoped. Maybe this is something that can be worked on in the future?

Hi Taylor, We are happy to hear that you love our dice! About the flaw that you have mention, can you email the photos to so we can see what we can do about it, please?
Wish they have more colors!!

Only bought 1 die for each color to see the quality, and the answer is WOW!!
I LOVE THEIR DICE!! The quality is really good, very pretty and shiny. Rolls pretty good and fair.
Will come back and set the set very soon. Really hope they have more color like pink groove.

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