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Space Roller Dice - Green Glow White Finish ( Discontinued )



Space Roller Dice were originally funded on Kickstarter in 2015 and are unique in that they glow by utilising UV light sources (sunlight, mobile phone flash light or UV flash light). Each purchase is for a set of two dice including the branded presentation box pictured.

The dice with green glow are the brightest and will last the longest without needing to recharge at around 10-15 minutes, the blue glow dice are the medium brightness and will last around 10-12 minutes and the orange glow are the least bright and will last for approximately 5-8 minutes. 


  • Standard 16 mm dice, weighing approximately 5.5 grammes each. 
  • Chamfer corner gives more momentum. 
  • Paint finishes with protective coating and injected glowing resin.
  • Each purchase is for a set of two dice in you chosen colour. 


Space Roller is a standard 16 mm dice with chamfer corner which gives Space Roller a bit more momentum when you roll it. Space Roller is made by injected glowing resin with different colours of finishes to obtain the futuristic and cyber feeling. All the sizes of carving lines and points are precisely tested out with many versions to present in 2 dimensions as a graph and 3 dimensions as an object. 

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이것은, 좋은 선택

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